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For You & Your Family

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Learn how to get more sleep using science to support your own parental instincts.

It can be hard to hear what your intuition is telling you amid all the noise of well-meaning but often contradictory advice.


Aimée's gentle, responsive practice doesn't use any sleep training or

"cry-it-out" methods. Instead, you are encouraged to tune in to your gut instinct and use the most up-to-date evidence on infant sleep and development to refine your approach.

You will learn the common myths of infant sleep and how to work with your baby's natural rhythms & normal developmental milestones to improve sleep for the whole family using your tailor-made Pure Harmony Loving Sleep Plan.


Put yourself in experienced hands.

Aimée has worked with over 1,000 clients to help them with their parenting goals. She understands that your family has its own history, beliefs, and goals, and she will work with you to create a Loving Sleep Plan that fits your needs and is unique to you.

Let's  get  started.

Whether you're expecting your first or your third is starting to teethe, book your free discovery call with Aimée.

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