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Partner Prep Workshops

Building Teamwork & Trust

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Become more confident, knowledgeable, and ready to:

  • Provide meaningful emotional, practical, and physical support now, during labour, and after the baby is born.

  • Understand how you can contribute to normal physiological childbirth.

  • Communicate effectively to advocate for both your partner and your baby.

  • Take care of your own emotions and needs so you can be there for your partner.

  • Bond with your baby and stay connected and loving with your partner throughout.

  • Be fully present for this life-changing event.

Discover how to:

  • Read your partner’s signals in labour and learn when and how to support with words, touch, witnessing, or advocacy.

  • Support your partner physically through discomfort, intense sensations, and pain.

  • Learn the questions you can ask your doctor or midwife in almost any situation to get the information and time you need to make decisions that are right for your family.

  • Know how to prepare yourself for the birth by getting a few simple things in order.

  • Understand what is normal, coping behaviour, even when labour is challenging and learn how to help your partner refocus and rally if they are struggling.

  • Apply Acupressure to specific points for stimulating contractions, relieving stress or anxiety, & more!

  • Keep yourself calm and supportive throughout the physical and emotional intensity of labour.

  • Know What NOT to do! Avoid a few things that may be tempting to do but are usually unhelpful during labour.

  • Stay connected with your baby and your partner in the moments after birth.

This private, online, two-hour workshop will provide you with

simple, specific tasks and hands-on techniques

to help your partner, baby, and yourself enjoy the best birth possible.

Did you know…

  • Most partners feel unsure about how to be useful and supportive in labour and birth.

  • 1 in 10 men in the USA experience depression after their baby’s birth.

  • 1 in 5 men feel lonely and isolated in their first year of parenting.

Partner Prep Services

  • During labour partners experience huge emotions ranging from ecstasy to agony.

  • Partners can feel empowered or traumatised depending on how engaged, supported and educated they are during pregnancy and birth. .

When dads and other partners are supported, they can support their families better and thrive as parents, as partners, and as human beings.


Partners Make a Difference!

Partners who are prepared have a greater sense of agency and therefore have the potential to change the current landscape of birthing practices around the world to better-support patient-centred care. 

Families thrive when an expectant father or other parent/carer is engaged as a significant part of the perinatal care experience.  When that other parent has the assistance, knowledge, and practices to be an active support and loving and witness to the birth of their baby, we have healthier outcomes for everyone.

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