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Pure Harmony

Mobile Massasge

Experience exceptional spa-quality massage in the comfort and convenience of your own location.

Aimée has been working body magic for 19 years and offers  personalized care tailored to your unique needs.

Elevate Your Wellness

white woman sidelying. Pregnant. Receiving massage.

Perinatal Massage

Relief and Relaxation

Ease muscle aches, reduce swelling, and connect with yourself & your baby,

Enjoy the relief of having more relaxed & supple muscles, reducing uncomfortable swelling, and feeling more balanced overall.


Aimée has 17 years of experience providing perinatal and postpartum massage. 


Special care is given to avoid contra-indicated areas.

white person being massaged. Face down. Back uncovered, head not showing in photo. Outdoor setting.

Holistic Relaxation

Let your cares melt away...

Unwind, melt away stress, let cares drift off, and experience pure bliss wherever you are.

Swedish Massage provides a combination of long, flowing strokes, and gentle kneading to provide you with a tranquil escape for the ultimate relaxation experience.

This massage classic is the ideal choice for total body relaxation.

Massage therapist using both fists on left side of client's back. Client is lying face down.

Deep Intuitive

For those who like intensity!

A combination of Swedish (to warm up the muscles), fascia release (aka "rolling"), and deep massage techniques.


Great care is given to listen to your feedback and adjust the strength to suit your needs.


Select this massage if you like intensity!

Great care is given to adjust the strength to suit your needs.


Period Massage

Period pain is real pain.

Tailored specifically to your own symptoms, Aimée's treatments offer comfort and relief, drawing from her personal journey with endometriosis.


Her extensive experience & heartfelt approach foster a sense of ease and balance, helping you to be in harmony with your body and cycle.

Aimée will work with you to create a massage that addresses your symptoms


Mobile Massage Consult

Free - 10 minutes

Want a massage in the comfort of your own home, but not sure if it's right for you?


Book a free 10-minute phone or video consult with Aimée to put your mind at ease and figure out which massage service would suit you best.

New to mobile massage? Get your questions answered here!


Virtual Morning Meditation

For people who suck at meditation

Embark on a journey with 'Meditation for People Who Suck at Meditation', tailored for those who believe meditation is beyond their reach.


Through gentle guidance, we'll introduce techniques that show how meditation can enrich your life.

This welcoming, virtual group session offers a supportive space to explore and learn.

Gift Certificate Depositphotos_326769842_XL CREMA.jpg

Gift Certificates

From Relaxation to Rejuvenation:

Wellness Gifts for Everyone on Your List


for your


Elevate your getaway with an extra-special massage!

Pure Harmony Mobile Massage is ideal for adding that special something to your time away, wherever you are staying.


Whether you are celebrating ~

an anniversary



family reunion

bachelor/ette party


~ or just enjoying time in the beautiful Georgian Bay area, we can help you to relax, unwind, and enjoy, without the hassle of more driving.

About Your Massage Practitioner

Black and white photo. White woman with curly dark hair.  Warm smile, direct gaze.
White woman, shoulder-length brown curly hair, yellow mask, eyes crinkled in a smile, holding hands in a heart shape just beneath her neck.

Put yourself in experienced hands.

Aimée has worked with over 1,000 clients to help them with their wellness goals.

Mobile massage brings the spa to you for profound relaxation, deeper work on sore spots, and prenatal wellness.


You can also book Pure Harmony Mobile Massage for your next event. Booking available for bachelorette parties, employee appreciation days, and special celebrations. 

Gift Certificates also available.

Please call to inquire.



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